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Who Ever Said Life Would Come Easy? Navigating Through It

2019 began.... What came and has gone has changed my way of life and living all together. I  went into trauma counseling for PTSD, as to the anxiety/panic and depression. Sessions did wonders for my mental health and as for my physical health wasn't doing much at first yet improved over time. I've gained much… Continue reading Who Ever Said Life Would Come Easy? Navigating Through It


What Is Life & It’s Greatest Meaning

  What has come out of 2018 where struggles, hardship, great challenges, transition and a spiritual awakening only I could ever imagine in my life. Lifestyle, health, wellness, spirituality and a deeper meaning of life in general. I was given hope, not forgotten, supported and loved from those who truly care, appreciate, respect and those… Continue reading What Is Life & It’s Greatest Meaning

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How Do We Know When It’s Time To Give Life Another Try? Spiritual Healing

I'd say though heartily transitioning, adjusting to a new lifestyle takes time, there's no time limit. It's all in timing. I can get a bit impatient at times. When I get to feeling impatient I reflect putting myself in a grounded position, stand or sit firm in place, breathe and then move. The movement rejuvenates my body, my mind becomes clearer  and my soul doesn't carry any weight.

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The Real… Self Empowerment Movement

I don't have the answers I simply follow my heart and remain to keep the faith alive in me when times get too tough to bare. I know who to go to in those times, though they are just a handful and honestly I like it that way.

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When Life Aligns Love & Peace Make Room For A Person To Breathe

My mother didn't like it one bit yet had no control either since I was a preteen learning growing into a teenager. I had severe acne, quite overweight for my shape and size and developing. I developed earlier than most girls which caused self esteem issues. I didn't love myself, I lacked in self confidence. I didn't identify myself as beautiful until much later in life. I learned on my own to accept myself as different. I bloomed and once I did there were a few guys who took interest in me regardless how I looked on the outside making me feel beautiful.

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What Joy Does To A Woman Who’s Struggled With Living With Abuse

  Joy comes from a place within your heart, and once the heart is removed from the body healing seems impossible. The heart is an organ, once it stops beating even for a mere second the body shuts down. It's a surviving mechanism and pulling yourself through survival  is a daunting task, quite the challenge