What Is Life & It’s Greatest Meaning

  What has come out of 2018 where struggles, hardship, great challenges, transition and a spiritual awakening only I could ever imagine in my life. Lifestyle, health, wellness, spirituality and a deeper meaning of life in general. I was given hope, not forgotten, supported and loved from those who truly care, appreciate, respect and those… Continue reading What Is Life & It’s Greatest Meaning


Emotional Overloading & How To Cope

As I write this I've contemplated several thoughts and emotions to absolute confusion. Was I stupid to fall for it? Why did I let it go too far? Was I just a ploy in his mind games? "Why Shellie, why?" I question myself. I was never really trusting to others, people have an agenda, motives,… Continue reading Emotional Overloading & How To Cope

Finding The Pieces Through PTSD Recovery

The healing process, well, it can take years it isn't what happens quickly let alone over night. There's no known cure, what I hear though it's possible to heal with coping skills, various techniques such as meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, time in nature, weight loss as to other ways to cope the best you can.… Continue reading Finding The Pieces Through PTSD Recovery