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Speaking Out On Identity Theft

It has been 2 years…..

Never ever have I ever put myself in any kind of danger most especially online where predators, impersonators lurk to wheel you in, into their unknown world who’ve never seen the outside of their own four walls.  I work from online, a self-published author, poet, blogger and artist. It is a financial struggle to say the least. It was my normal work day, a rather busy working weekend taking on several business projects at the time. Little did I know while working on Instagram a direct message came into my in box. I read them from time to time without even replying to them. I was honestly skeptical to begin with so I researched the profile account quite intensely. All checked out fine. I took the risk and well the risk turned my life completely up side down. Aside from my private life this personal connection to this person led me to believe him, taking on a personal assistance position working with him. The errands were the normal every day errands. Well, the gist, it turned to quite a huge gamble financially in which I didn’t make much of an income since I was still in retail at the time. I invested into it since I took the risk with him. Yes,him.

The work relationship 5 months later turned romantically un be known to me who felt a connection to him spiritually as well emotionally and mentally after those months went by.  A trusting work and romantic relationship. It was after a great deal of time I became quite ill mentally, emotionally and physically in which I was admitted into treatment, therapy and counseling. In the 6 weeks of treatment he knew of what was going on after all I trusted him. He seemed to always reassure me though it was for the best not to talk about him, and I didn’t. It continued for a rather long time. In 2017 I was diagnosed with high functioning generalized anxiety and massive depression. I’m open and honest living with mental illness. I became highly proactive on mental health and remain from here on out.

I remained in constant contact with him with the usual errands, it wasn’t until I began reliving the very beginning of the involvement. I’d wake up 4 to 5 times throughout the night. There were nights of nightmares meeting him in person, after all he promised me he’d come to visit. It never materialized. After time I was finding myself in treatment, at least 3 separate times in a years time.

In June of 2018 I came to find out it wasn’t the real person who’ve I had been working with. It was in fact an impersonator. Songwriter, musician Kip Moore has been in the music scene since 2011. Mary Was The Marrying Kind was his very 1st single to country radio. Here’s a rewind on Mr. Moore and my role on a promotional stand point. “I’m Shellie Palmer, former founder, owner of the independent Country Music City Promotions out of North East Ohio. I take on independent, rising, traditional artists and garner a social media platform promoting their music careers. This was the case for Mr. Moore who’s career was just beginning in 2012.  I had sheer determination and passion in his musical abilities as a songwriter and musician. However, there is more to him. His career didn’t changed him and has remained humbled who has taken on roles with non-profits to become founder of several projects himself. The entire promotional aspects came down to promotional press and publicity releases, writing single song and album reviews, articles on Mr. Moore, etc. His fan base has trippled in size from his debut album Up All Night. His second Wild One’s was widespread throughout Australia, Canada, the UK, as well other countries. The passion I see in him is rare, and I for one would remain supportive in his life and career.

When I was approached on opening an investigation the real work would begin, as it would cause more of  a toll on my anxiety and depression into seeking treatment for a fourth time. You heard it right, no bluff no fluff to say the least. To go through what I’m going through has changed my way of living and lifestyle. On the outside I look normal on the inside I’m struggling with myself. I lost my self-worth, I blamed myself, feeling guilt and shame. My entire identity of who I am and what I’m set out to do, and now that I’m speaking up reminding others to protect themselves no matter the cost. Social media will consume a person. I wouldn’t want to see it happen to anyone, man or woman.  Report any suspicious activity online, and only follow verified blue checks on Twitter and Instagram. Public figures, world leaders, entertainers,etc are targets of identity theft in the growing world of social media. For me, it is a daily struggle to regain a sense of normalcy.


Being proactive, raising awareness of online scams is my mission. I don’t want anyone to go through what I have.


Shellie Palmer


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    1. The experience has truly changed my whole view on life and myself mentally as well emotionally Jane. Becoming extremely proactive on the topic has empowered me in a way to remind others not get involved for safety and protection.

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