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How Do We Know When It’s Time To Give Life Another Try? Spiritual Healing

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The top 10 Spiritual Healing Guide List

  1. Tai Chi
  2. Yoga
  3. Meditation
  4. Hiking, biking & outdoor retreats
  5.  prayer time (reading devotionals)
  6. Massage Therapy
  7. Reiki Healing
  8. Journal Writing
  9. Sit in silence for 10 to 15 minutes
  10. Deep breathing exercises 


We’re always asked from others around us how are you feeling? The usual answers are, “I’m fine”, “Doing okay”, “Good”. Those are the standards and I catch that in myself at times. What if we turn it around and simply give the straight truth how you really feel. I’m not here to give advice this is simply feedback from my point of views and I how I feel, and maybe you’ll feel inspired to give it a try.  The top 10 spiritual healing guide list may even help you discover something new in yourself.

This blog post isn’t based on statistics and research. It’s based on real life experiences.

As much treatment I went through between 2017 up through 2018 and now I’ve had to take a really big step in finding my true self, what made me happy, how I really felt and what I did to break the barriers between my mental health and physical health, that would cumulate a deeper spiritual meaning in myself and for those around me. The number one factor of the narcissist abuse I lived with for so long was the blame I put onto myself. I resented myself for evening getting involved with the person. Nothing good comes out of it, merely emotional, mental and physical pain. The feelings of self worth, self love and self compassion no longer existed, I was just a shell of a person trying to live. Was there another chance for me and would I be able adjust without having a man in my life. It was much more than having a man in my life, it was about me and getting better. Nature became my therapy, I was on my own with no thoughts simply taking in what was around me and how the feeling took over my body. Once the body is at a cool, calm temperature the mind slows down allowing it to enjoy it’s surroundings. This was a technique I learned and practiced through treatment. Grounding self and meditating. I remain to use this very technique when stress and worry appear. Note.. ( I am on prescribed medication and only taken when it’s absolutely needed).

I’ve never taken the road less traveled, every bit of it up to this point hasn’t been smooth in fact rocky and down right difficult, of course there have been such good days and happy moments. Taking drives to new places and surroundings have been wonderful yet also scary. Protecting my safety is a priority although I’m in the public eye quite often via social media. There are tips for YOU, for online self-employment public figures and such. Directing you to past blog post on how to protect your safety online.

Living With Mental Illness and The Affects It Has On The Survivor with Tips To Stay Safe Online

I’d say though heartily transitioning, adjusting to a new lifestyle takes time, there’s no time limit. It’s all in timing. I can get a bit impatient at times. When I get to feeling impatient I reflect putting myself in a grounded position, stand or sit firm in place, breathe and then move. The movement rejuvenates my body, my mind becomes clearer  and my soul doesn’t carry any weight. This what Tai Chi is for and it has done wonders for my mental and spiritual health.

I never understood the meaning behind 1:11 and 11:11 until I read about it, this was some time after the numbers appeared simultaneously more than 4 times a day. The meaning behind the numbers is in fact that a spiritual being is guiding coming through to protect a loved one. I saw signs in every day life from a pair of butterflies, a bird and a remembering comforted smell.  There was peace and content I felt and unharmed. The spiritual break through came in the form of a person, and it was familiar. The familiarity as though I’ve known this person my entire life. People have come and gone quite often and I can say I’m blessed to have those who are my true support, love, encouragement and guidance.

Spirituality is honestly not about religion it is far deeper than beliefs. Spirituality is more so the person, what they believe in, faith and in self.


Shellie Palmer