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A Note To My Fans, Friends & Co-Workers


Due to a rather long hiatus I’m ready to return to my first love(s) re-working the previous books from the journey collection series to writing the newest books from the series. Publishing with Realistic Poetry International and Tablo Publishing this year of 2020. I’m most excited looking forward to partnering with a small business out of Kentucky, to a couple of non-profits near and dear to my heart.

Much of 2018 and 2019 were extremely difficult to bare, live with. Trauma counseling was quite consistent, learning to adapt to new changes. The transformation I wasn’t ready for unfortunately out of my own control. Hardship and struggle, getting by and remain to. However though I’m looking ahead on what will be a year of continuing changes, balancing life, work and much needed me time. Self care and self compassion taking better care of myself is highly important in my ever growing lifestyle.

Travels are already in the works with work, digging my feet where there meant to be. I left behind 2019 on a domino affect that which awoken my spirit, a break through to a true grand purpose. God is great, he’s in control. I’m merely letting him direct me on the further path.

I greatly appreciate everyone’s continued support in my work and career. My fans have become friends and co-workers have given me incredible opportunities.


Shellie Palmer