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Navigating Life All While Living With Mental Illness

One of the most difficulties living with a form of mental health is finding a routine, navigate daily activities from work, school, family, etc. There are days I sleep longer than I should especially so when stress levels go up. I want to avoid and isolate some daily tasks. It makes the anxiety worse on my part as well. Lately I’ve found myself writing, working on business aspects and projects to keep my stress levels down. It is quite calming. I pray, read scriptures, going to parks in my area to get away for a little while. Nature is an excellent source of coping skills. All those times in and out of treatment learned a great deal of coping skills. Reality isn’t fantasy there’s a huge difference between the two. Reality is paying bills, working a job, taking care of family. Granted I don’t have much family to count on in times when mental health triggers come on. A couple of a cousins, my best friend and church family I turn to the most due to trust issues. Trust is a huge factor to me, some have even told me I’m too trusting which is so absurd. Have been around enough people in my time who’ve crossed the line it’s the reason I walk on egg shells around people. Fantasy is all a dream completely out of reality being in your own little world. Here I am today writing these thoughts, sharing the coping skills to navigate life.

  • Hiking
  • prayer time
  • arts and crafts
  • play time with the pets (I have 3 cats)
  • Bible study
  • mediation
  • graphic design

What is your daily routine to cope with your mental health? Is there a coping skill that works best for you? I’d like to read your comments and feedback. I’m interested to hear about it. Many may have a completely different list than mine or possibly the same. Simply talking to someone who lives with a form of mental health makes a world of difference. It”s the connection. Literally, be the gift of gab on the subject. The government doesn’t work to help those in need let alone get anyone into treatment leaving the person or persons out. I get so mad. They want our money rather help. Many people live on a fixed income, have lost their job, have little to survive on, no insurance, can’t keep food on the table for their family. It’s on and on. I can only do what I can to get anyone to listen to me at times. Recently reaching out to Sumitt DD to look into different housing, working with a case worker. I’ve never liked the thought of it. I have no choice. It’s best for me so that I can keep a much rather normal life all while navigating a daily routine with my mental health.