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The Difference Between Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing

Don’t knock it, simply listen to what I have to say about the differences between traditional publishing and self publishing. Coming from the stand point of self publishing I’ve learned quite a bit since I began my self publishing journey in 2013. I was green about the process yet willing to do the work as self publishing requires to market and promote your own body of work. Traditional publishing the person or persons have a marketing, promotional team, an agent, editor, the works. Self publishing is all your own, however there are self publishing services to help guide you through the process. They help find the resources you’re looking for. It makes the process a little less daunting. Once I began digging my feet into self publishing services I was picky due to the cost of what some self publishing services require to self publish. (NOTE) : Be careful when looking for resources online, there are scam services who will tell you, you can sign up for free to self publish. It’s a hoax.

In today’s society I’m seeing more and more celebrities writing books. Well, their not actually doing the work, as I state above they have an agent, editor, marketing and promotional team. They’re telling their story while someone else writes the book. I for one am not seeing the person sitting down to do the work themselves which is absolutely ridiculous. They have a status to their name already, have been and are in the limelight which backs them up to be a bestseller. I’ve seen many of them use their status to sell more books to become a bestseller. WHAT A CROCK!! Take a look at the most recent celebrities who have written a book (NOT REALLY) Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Bobby Bones, Tina Fey, Candace Cameron-Bure to name a small few. Say what you will if you’ve read their books. Just saying it like it is folks. Trying reading a self published book you’d be surprise by the differences.

Self published authors have found success and I back them up completely. Some have become good friends and I love the stories they tell. It’s so refreshing to read a book someone took a great deal in writing their story, the characters and plot. The passion, dedication and conviction self published authors put into their body of work shows in what they write despite the genre it is. In my personal opinion some just don’t suit me.

To the writers who are ready to work on the next step in their writing journey, you can do it.

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  1. I was thinking about this too. For trad publishing houses, it’s pretty easy to make celebrities look good for a quick ROI… and it’s very easy for them to ignore the indies until they secure an agreement to buy-out their IP. It seems as if the bestseller biz has finally achieved its goal of fully emulating the music biz!

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