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Music Is Healing Therapy

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When was  the last time you turned on the radio and began singing at the top of your lungs?  How did it make you feel? Were there any outside thoughts that may have intervened? What type of music do you listen to? There are several genres to choose from. I myself am a country small town girl. It lives in my veins. Country music tells a story. I love the sound of the banjo, fiddle, steel and electric guitar, most especially acoustic guitar when the song is completely stripped down to the songwriter performing their song with only a guitar in hand.  Still, I’m an 80’s girl so I still listen to music from Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Bryan Adams,  Billy Joel, Elton John, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Gibson, just to name. The list is quite endless. I’m the entertainer in the family, music runs through me like a river.  I know how to sing, I’m not the greatest. I was taught though in those middle school days in choir. It’s nostalgic to me when I think back on those memories. Even had a chance to do a solo but what held me back was absolute stage fright. Thinking back on it now I know I could have done it. At 15 I did a karaoke contest. I was nervous but did it. I won $15 coming in third. I was so proud of the small accomplishment.

The music industry itself found it’s way into my life in 2013 all while moderating country music artists fan designed message boards. They have become fleeting due to social media outlets now a days though.  Promotional and marketing aspects though kept me a float promoting rising artists, independent and main stream. The joy was of course getting to listen to a variety of music. I was in my element. Once I opened a blog long before 2013 would become a staple with opportunities to interview artists, attend shows (writing articles and reviews) it wasn’t only for the fans they were for independent management companies. The continued promotion found me to submit to a few mainstream management. Rising in the business aspects was quite a thrill. What most music fans don’t know are the behind the scenes of the work. So to speak I began showing them what it all involves. Some had a way to point out I was doing it for attention and others praised the diligent work and passion I have for the music industry. I kept the promotion going getting fan bases to continue to support and work to keep their favorite artist on radio. It’s a man’s world anymore. At times I get aggravated with the fact women are thrown to the side when they too are a working breed. C’mon folks!!

It wasn’t until 2016 when I made the most difficult decision to walk away from my job due to a mental, emotional, physical break down. Though it was a difficult decision it never left my system. It lives on within me.  Music follows me it honestly gets me through tough days as much as good days. I’m at my happiest when it comes to listening to singing the music.

Let music talk to you and let loose whether living with a form of mental health or not. It’s certainly therapy.