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Living With Mental Health During A Pandemic

Here I am again going through the motions on navigating through the ups and downs. What can I say the past 6 months my mental health has been on a roller coaster of sorts as to when the pandemic outbreak began. Isolation wasn’t so bad at the beginning until after the shut down. I had to find ways around it at times. Staying productive enough mentally worked well, yet it was my Ohio park travels that gave me the time to listen to my body, reflect and write. Yes, I wrote mostly on my park trips, taking my journal book in tow. I’ve been on a rather spiritual journey this year which has greatly reduced my stress. The stress I’ve been under has taken it’s toll on me at times which caused illness quite a bit. My body wore itself out, coping was in fact difficult at those times. I did what I could to use the coping skills I mainly use.

  • Grounding
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Self Compassion
  • Self Care
  • Reality Acceptance

Most of those coping skills were tossed to the way side which only increased my anxiety and depression after the shut down. Isolation became worse. I wasn’t going anywhere, slept for two to 3 almost 4 days straight, barely got myself clean. I had no desire to, let alone write.

Good Grief!! What’s next? I began thinking how everyone else through the pandemic are handling their mental health. How are they dealing? What’s getting in their way to cope? Are they feeling the pressures of reality? Of course they are. People are loosing their jobs, or getting less and less hours, even working from home. Transitioning through a pandemic, not able to see their families, able to even have any form of event and so on. I began thinking much more around it not really taking care of myself I wanted to help others around me. It sounded selfish of me to put myself first. I don’t like the thought of putting myself self first to begin with. I felt it was a way to cope on some levels.

The turn around came when I realized nothing was getting done which prompted me to look at life differently. Henceforth my way onto my spiritual journey. Honestly, I talked with God more even when I didn’t think he was listening to me. I prayed several times a day. Took those trips, sitting in nature, seeing what the world is like on a broader spectrum. The world is beautiful though we get caught up in it, over thinking, worrying what’s next. Living in the here and now, the present moment. The “real world” isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows. Paying bills, working a job, taking care of house and home, family, etc. That is the reality of life.

I had no idea where I was going next, what to do to push through. All that I knew was to come to terms to fully take care of myself, but how could I when things need to be done. It’s all or nothing. That is my way of thinking. C’mon Shellie get it together I’d tell myself. I tried every single passing day to navigate with the mental illness. LIFE’S TOUGH!

Living, coping with mental illness during a pandemic your having to learn to transition, make changes somehow and do what’s best for you and you’re family, friends, financially to keep a float and what not.

I’d like to know how every one out there reading this is coping through the pandemic. Are you taking care of yourself? How are you navigating through it? Have you taken more effort to take care of your mental health.

Leave a comment below. I’m looking forward to talk with you.

Shellie Palmer

2 thoughts on “Living With Mental Health During A Pandemic

  1. I think everyone can relate to this Shellie. For me, spending time outdoors every day for a nature walk has been life saving. Writing has also been my outlet if sanity as well as relating to people like you on Twitter. We’re all in the same boat.

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