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Life Adventures Are Worth Taking

My travels throughout 2020 put a new perspective on life altogether. These travels were far or close to home. I found a hidden gem with each trip I took. Going as far to Columbus, Lorain and Cleveland. Cleveland Metro Parks have several park landscapes. I was in complete awe with each place I’d visit. A favorite of mine, Rocky River Reservation. The river itself travels through the park into the next. The interlock is fabulous. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to at least visit once in their lifetime. I heard of Rocky River from a Cleveland/Akron/Canton online article. Light bulb went off! YES! I’m taking this trip, going for it.

When in doubt folks, enjoy life. Take it by the reins, the risk. You won’t know until you actually do it. It’s this attitude that prompted me to fully go for it. I never turned back.

Life’s an adventure, there are several things to see and do. It may not be a day to day event, it is taking something away from it, enjoying what you do whether it’s a physical sport, traveling more, going to the theater to see musicals on broadway, learning to play an instrument, etc. Enriching you’re life will find you doing things you never imagined or maybe you do and just never thought you could. Someone or something is holding you back from it. Yeah, I get it, life get’s in the way. The real world eventually takes a massive hold on you. You question yourself why your not doing what you wanted in the first place. Listen to your inner self. We all have instincts folks. It’s all about doing it without question.

I could have easily given in to keep myself from taking any sort of trip to a new park or hiking trail. I listened to what my body was telling me what to do rather than always listening with my ears to outside influences. Thoughts have a way to really get in my way at times especially with anyone around me. I absorb like a sponge. Do you? For instance, for quite a while I was doing what everyone told me what “I had to do” with my life. “Oh, I see, so I can’t live my life what doesn’t suit you. Is that it?” I’m thinking it without saying it because it will offend someone. I’m pushing away. NOPE! No one wants to hear the truth. Oh, just listen to me. Here’s the facts looking at them straight into their eyes. They get all nervous and not know what to say next.

You’re instincts are strong, listen to them. Do what’s best for yourself.

From Sand Run Metro Park, Cascade Valley, Cuyahoga National Valley parks, Rocky River Reservation just to name some I’ve been to this year I saw something new each time. The story behind the shape and formations of each tree, rock formations that follow each trail if one was there. The waterfalls. The curvatures of the trails. I found such beauty and serenity among every bit of it. Such a sacred joy. It made sense to me I was meant to live whole not by half of myself. I had those times to listen more to myself as well knowing what was best for myself, working on “me” which is quite difficult to do especially when I clearly want to help everyone around me. I was scared at times not knowing what was to happen next. It stopped eventually. My mind became clearer, my heart completely whole.

After some time I wanted my best friend to see what I see taking her to a few places. She loved it. It made her see life differently herself. I was happy to see such joy in her. Sharing joy with those who matter most to you is a reminder of how precious life is as a whole. The pandemic we’re all living through right now has taken such a beating to us. We don’t know what is coming next, today, tomorrow and the next day after. I reminded myself to take one day as it comes.

I know praying is the last thing any one of us want to do. Well, prayer helps us, strengthens our hearts and soul. Thinking God doesn’t listen is false because well in truth he does listen to us even when we don’t think he is. Giving up all the times I wanted to made me pray on my travels and to write with always having my journal book in tow. Each time I wrote with my deepest emotions and thoughts. I’m an introvert at heart keep to myself mostly though an extrovert at times as well. I say that because of the 20 yrs working the retail thing I learned to be extroverted. I struggled for years with being outspoken. Here I am these days just as chatty as I am. I’m unfiltered, so what I say is what I mean. The Truth Hurts!

Life’s an adventure and saw this well suited for the title of this so to speak. Pull life by the reigns, listen to your inner self and pray. Yes, it’s difficult to do when you’re bottled up with every bit of emotion known to man. Take care of yourself and those who matter most to you. Though it’s few and far between, you’ll find the peace you deserve.

Here are some pictures of my trips this year.

Shellie Palmer

2 thoughts on “Life Adventures Are Worth Taking

  1. I love the overlaid image at the bottom! This sounds almost like an excerpt from my new book on retirement. Getting outside is the key to warding off those fall/ winter blues right now. In nature, we can shut off our minds from the daily realities of Covid and the news media. Well done.

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    1. When I began my park travels I found the free spirit I am inside realizing there’s more to life beyond reality, Naomi and the people in it. I’ve had to let quite a bit of people go. They were holding me back.
      Those images were all taken from the camera of my phone. Thank you so much!


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