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Follow You’re Own Journey

I’ve been traveling through life on a difficult stand point for quite some time now. Privately speaking family life isn’t talked about really. I keep it to myself. Some people have asked me why I don’t. I give them this specific answer. If I told you everything I know I wouldn’t know anything at all. My private life is off limits. My parents raised me that way. When it comes to my personal life though I’m an open book henceforth it is why I write, to talk about the journey I’m on and where it’s taking me in life. Most of my writings are on life experiences. The real, honest authentic self I am. What you get is exactly what you get and see. I have my moody moments, thought provoking, emotional and mental moments, and as well the spiritual side of things. This is it, I want to connect with people get to know them a bit and get their take on their own life experiences. Though every journey is different some are quite the same.

When I first began writing my first book I actually had no idea it was even a series, it simply flowed into one book from another taking everyone on my journey. The journey of life. I’d like to ask readers some hard hitting life questions. I’d appreciate blunt, truthful answers.

  • Did you know early on what you’re career choice was/is?
  • Have you been told you aren’t living in the real world?
  • What would you say has been the most eye opening experience you’ve dealt with?
  • Do you have a bucket list?, and have you done anything on the list?
  • What was the most important lesson you’ve learned about life?
  • Are you living the life you deserve or are you doing what others expect you to do?

I’ve been asked these questions most especially when it came to discussing the book series at past book signings. My answers have changed over time but what I’ve been clear about is what it means to me to be on a large platform as an author, writer, blogger and designer, most especially as an author. It’s the person I am. I’m extremely straight forward with people, look at them straight in the eye, having that true connection. It never came easy for me to be so outward as I’m more so an introvert. It is where the writer in me comes out. I hide behind my feelings, emotions and thoughts. I best explain myself better. I do want to get to know people I just never knew how to express it in person until I was thrust into retail at a rather young age and due to the likelihood of being taken advantage of more times than I can count. You learn what it’s like, how people react to you, do and say around you. Yep, it’s down right difficult as I’ve pointed out in previous blogs. Life’s tough folks, right? This is why I’m asking you these questions, to get a straight honest answer. You’re on a journey, but are you truly living through it and doing what’s best for you, not what other’s want you to do. We have limits and we certainly have breaking points. I’m sadden to see people suffer, it breaks my heart and I write about it as well. I do what I can to have discussions with you whether on the social media platform or in person. Are you truly living the life you deserve? Are you following through with it? Keep on keeping on.

My heart breaks for people who have much less than I do. I want to help them even though I need to take care of myself. I sound so selfish. Maybe my books have made an impact and I just don’t know it

You’re life matters just as long as you’re happy with it. No, your not always going to be happy, we have those days don’t we? What can I do for you to feel some comfort? The best I can do is simply listen and to take you into my life a bit. I certainly do my best.

The comment section is open for discussion.

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2 thoughts on “Follow You’re Own Journey

  1. In answer to your questions: I am extremely lucky to be recently retired and living comfortably with a supportive spouse and grown children who are decent human beings. I kind of fell into my teaching career (long story). I’m not sure if it was my ideal job, but it sure put food on the table and I am grateful for that. I am currently completing a bucket list item by publishing my first (and second) book. I also crossed off a trip to Barcelona, where I always wanted to go, before the pandemic hit. One day I hope to live by the ocean. I do feel like I have been in control of my own life, although my parents did try to talk me out of becoming a teacher.

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