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All With Time: Life As An Independent Author

Not much has progressed with writing as to the book series, re released versions over the course of the past couple of years due to loss of interest, life difficulties, hardship, private matters and such. I honestly didn’t want to even write when I felt to. What has changed? Why did I not feel to write? I had enough going on to write about, I just wasn’t into it. My passion and purpose was to remain a continued encourager encouraging others to full fill their dreams. So what happened to mine? The depression, anxiety and PTSD changed my entire demeanor on life. I cry just thinking how I could give up on my writing, my books, endless hours of typing draft over draft, editing, pouring myself into it all. It’s all with time and now I realize it wasn’t my time to rush into it to merely take my time like I did all those years ago when my daily routine on life made me write, what I was meant to do with my life. Yes, life has changed and for me to change with it has been the most difficult I’ve ever had. Now, I’m ready to make it a go and get back to the basics again.

My writing is quite different than other works I’ve read. It is me bearing my heart and soul leaving nothing out. I’m an open book to an extent that is. I write what I’m feeling how I’m feeling at a given moment. It is in testimony and poetry format, and in ways of my spirituality without being preachy.

Life as a self published independent author come with several hurdles to climb and little pay. What is most important of being an author is the connection with readers and fellow peers of the field. Reading other works not just what your writing about. Stepping out to read a fictional story has become exciting to me as mostly what I read are more spiritually life encountering self help books and poetry. For once I want to get lost in a story, made up of silly anticipating anecdotes, mystery and crime. The thrill of it makes my heart race with excitement that I can feel it bubbling to the surface giving me that instant rush. Not that I don’t love reading non fiction stories it is writing it myself that after awhile I get complacent. I want to challenge myself mentally as I use to. I never thought I’d get soft in my ways after all this time.

When I began writing my first book I honestly had no idea I was even writing one as I was pulling out my poetry and journal entries into a collection. A light bulb went off after time and reading my poetry to my dear best friends. They encouraged it. Here’s a snippet of one of those poems.

Each and every single poem came out in a way to embrace what I’m living and dealing with, possibly connecting to someone who feels what I’m feeling. It made sense why I was writing and what I wanted to do with it, connecting with readers. Age isn’t a factor. It is just that.

While drafting putting together The Poetry Diaries was merely just my own photography, designs with my poetry and testimonials. I wanted to stand out on my own. I thought is this good enough, it doesn’t look like a book? Will this work and get readers attention. At first yes it did. After time after it’s debut launch in 2013 via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace I was focused on the next book and trying to balance a part time job and country music independent business. It was quite a bit to handle but I was up for the full time task. 2 books in 2013, another in 2014, a mental health novella and 2 more up to 2016. Phew! The chaos was good chaos and I loved it. It fueled me to take risks making the best out of my life. Here I was doing something I can say I can be proud of and at the same time help other people. Did my heart so good.

The Journey Collection isn’t fully complete with only 5 books of the 8 part series done with revisions of The Poetry Diaries still on going with others to follow. I found myself not to rush the process as I previously did. It isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon.

To follow the series, it’s story, behind the scenes and more follow the links to previous post here.

2 thoughts on “All With Time: Life As An Independent Author

  1. Wow Shellie, you have been through a lot and you have created a lot of good work, in spite of some emotional challenges. You are an inspiration to those who are suffering from mental health issues who still wish to be productive, creative individuals. The message of self-love and patience is so important. Well done!

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    1. More than I can count, Naomi. Life has hit me extremely hard over the past few years with the loss of both parents. Learning to live on my own, moving around. I have some developmental disabilities that have held me back as well. I’m an only child with some family support. I try to be a positive influence on others. I greatly appreciate you’re inspiring encouragement.


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