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Tools And Tips For Self Published Authors

  1. Tablo Publishing
  2. Smash Words
  3. Untamed Publishing
  4. Realistic Poetry International
  5. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
  6. Switch Light Press

There are several avenues to take when it comes to self publishing. For one it isn’t easy. It is doing the research finding guided resources, who to reach out to, to connecting with other writers who are self published. The List above are some services to use in accomplishing a self publishing career whether it is full time or part time. Paying for services is tricky, so it is important to read through the sources before going with the service that is best for you money wise. Yes, there are scams as well. If it’s too good to be true rule of thumb it is a scam.

Self publishing does come with some rules and instructions. It is important how dedicated and determined you are to self publish.

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The Difference Between Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing

Tip & Tools

  • Start up with opening a website ( WordPress, WIX, GoDaddy, etc)
  • Don’t put too much money into you’re site at first
  • Post/share you’re writings, short stories, etc
  • Blog
  • Make your site unique
  • Open social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ( do open a Goodreads account, and any form of author accounts )
  • Connect, connect, connect with other writers. Share you’re work with them. Ask them to share with you
  • Read different genre’s
  • Be open minded to ask for constructive criticism

Traditionally speaking self publishing is costly, it is wise to read what each service offers. Some offer discounts where as some don’t. If money is the issue to self publish you’re first book you may want to look into other avenues. Ask around among your peer group. They can referee you to a service they have or are using. Stand out on your own, set yourself apart from others writers, published or not.

Spending the time and effort in the long run will help you succeed. You’ll feel stuck at times of wanting to give up though. Talk with you’re writing peers, and those who who will support you. You’re cheerleaders are there for you.

Most importantly have fun, enjoy what you do, and write to your hearts desire.

2 thoughts on “Tools And Tips For Self Published Authors

  1. Thank you Shellie. I had never heard of Tablo, Untamed or Switchlight, so I will check these out. Your post will be very helpful to all newbies to this process.

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    1. You’re welcome, Naomi. It takes quite a bit of time to search for self publishing services. This is a short version of tools and tips. Yes, it is good for newbies yet a refresher for already self published.


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