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Newly Re Mastered Book Series

I began my self publishing career and journey in 2013 with only knowing little how to self publish and what to do with my book, which there was only one to begin with at the time not even realizing there were several layers to my life and journey. I became a self proclaimed extrovert in my introverted world. An open book. I had been told if you tell everything you know you won’t know anything at all. Wisdom from my mom I remain to carry with me to this very day. How could I write my life without giving too much away. I wrote poetry, my thoughts and feelings. I took to scripture quite often to fill the gaps. I say my writings set me apart from other writers and peers. I’m not one to fit in, although I admit at one time or another thought fitting in was cool. It’s not. I work my way even though at times at least have been told to do my job the way it’s suppose to. You can’t please everyone. That was working a day job, part-time. There is a difference between a job and a career. Honestly, there are some rules in a writers world. I for one have tossed out some of those rules aside, most especially since I do my own thing from other writers. I write to write to connect with others on a personal level. To let them know they too can do what their meant to do with their life and that their not alone. It’s up to you not what other’s want and expect of you. Beat to your own drum. All will fall into place. It takes time.

My first book, The Poetry Diaries, not even thinking there was to be another and another after. It was all fitting together the way it was suppose to. I was surprised. Now mind you at the time, it was simply a pamphlet of poetry and photo designs. Pretty much out of the norm of a poetry book. The Cover blah! It was nothing fancy. Can you see the difference between the original to updated covers and Re Mastered cover?

Honestly, I prefer the re mastered cover from the original and updated covers. It shows more of a personal touch of the girl holding and blowing bubbles. It says here I am trying to have some fun in this upside down world of reality. The cover doesn’t fool you where as the others could as the book itself is about self healing, following you’re journey, thoughts on how the Lord can turn things around. The world is beautiful. It’s colorful. Some may have the opinion I come off preachy. On disbelief I’m not the type of person to throw it out to the world. I’m much more spiritual than religious. Take it as you will. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but that’s the way it is.

I chose to write my way through the daily grind that which led to more, this is a series, a book series. This may work thinking to myself. WOW!!

5 books of an 8 part series shaping into my life on my terms with no apologies. I do have a way to say too much at times. (open mouth insert foot) None of the less these books are me, bare boned taking you on my emotional, mental upside down life thrown in with the toxicity of others, those who are closest to me and those not so much. People are people. (my eyes rolling behind my head)

Each of these books do have one common thread though and that is talking about faith which is hard to hold onto through struggle, hardship and many faced challenges. I’ve lost my faith more than a time or two which is shown through my words and photography/design images. Here’s a little peak of my photography work.

Photography is merely a hobby of mine. I like what nature shows us and just how beautiful it is. I incorporate it in a way that stands out among the feeling of emotions as mentally through the books. Which is showcased more in The Poetry Diaries, Taking The Journey Life In Color and The Journey Ahead. They each hold consistency yet different at the same time.

This life, this journey has dealt me with more than I can imagine at times. It is absolutely exhausting.

The follow ups in the series

  • Taking The Journey Life In Color (original version was simply titled Life In Color. It was later changed)
  • The Journey Ahead
  • Beyond The Silence of Love & Faith
  • An Unexpected Journey

All currently and only available in Kindle format due to re additions, updated versions with quite a bit of changes. To get to know me better on a personal level, they can be read and purchased here at the direct link from my book page. Books

HERE’S A BONUS! All Re Mastered Covers In Order

2 thoughts on “Newly Re Mastered Book Series

  1. Wow Shellie, five books in eight years is impressive! You have really got a nice collection here. I find that it really takes a strong will to go back and make changes after your work has been published. It sounds like it has not been an easy journey. Good luck on your continued writing path.

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    1. The journey has been a sheer challenge, Naomi. I challenge myself often when it comes to my writings, what I want and have to say. I’ve been told I have a strong will because I’m highly stubborn. I greatly appreciate you’re support. Thank you.


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