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Travels and Destinations

I’m not a self proclaimed jet setter, adventurer, though I do wander quite often. Curious what’s out there in the world. I want to see and do as much as possible in my lifetime. Making life count with my travels whether big or small. I love nature, being one with the world, view and take it all in, in stride. I could honestly sit around all day every single day with nothing on my plate. It’s honestly boring, and for one it isn’t keeping me active. The more I see the more I do. Move over Bear Grylls! hahahaha….

My latest travels took me to two separate park locations near and close to home. Virginia Kendall Park and Brandywine Falls, both differently unique and picturesque. Cuyahoga Valley National Park within minutes of both. All in and around the surrounding areas of Cleveland and Akron. These hubs have plenty of hiking trails, picnic areas, some of the most scenic views with plenty to do. If you’re up to it the trails are long and winding for plenty of adventure seeking. Ugh, with two some what usable feet and a knee replacement am able to get in about 10 to 15 minutes of walking time. On a good day I can get as close to 20 minutes on the trails. What is most enjoyable on the trails are the curves, shapes and color of each barring.

Virginia Kendall Park

This was a first time trip which will become a new hot spot to get to more than once, especially for fishing. I miss my fishing days, more so with my dad I’ll always hold close to my heart. There’s a swimming hole which I’ll mostly likely try or at least attempt it.

Not trying at all isn’t putting in any effort. Challenge yourself

Shellie Palmer

The few pics here certainly say a lot by the shapes of those rock walls. Never go alone to try to climb them. Have a buddy with you. Nope, not me even on my good days. What they tell me though they went through a series of transformation which highly excites me. It doesn’t take much to excite me. (giggling) Have you ever tried a hiking trail unevenly? The trail was a small but daunting task for the feet knowing how to up, down and around the trail. Next time I’m going further. Ooh baby! Excited just by talking about it.

Brandywine Falls

This place is for not only hiking adventure wanders like me, it is for the skiers, horse back riding, etc. Brandywine is mostly known for skiing. Not my forte. What was most appealing, the waterfall. The waterfalls blew me away. Figuratively and not so figuratively speaking. The walking bridge leading to the falls isn’t as much challenging unless you and your body are well endowed to sustain several flights of stairs. Believe it or not in the direction I went in was the shortest walk of them all. Thank goodness for a humid day.

I’m excited to know more about my travel seekers, wanders and adventurers who follow all my blogs on travel and destinations.

I have some questions for you.

  • What was you’re most favorite hot spot travel?
  • Do you venture off out of state for you’re travels or do you stick to more unknown places near home?
  • What is you’re favorite outdoor sport?
  • What is you’re next travel spot?

Ah! Well, your not going to see the last of my travels. I’m just starting up again. It was greatly missed.



One thought on “Travels and Destinations

  1. Those hikes look amazing and I’m impressed that you still get out there in spite of your knees and feet. I can relate because I have foot and lower back pain, but I go for a nature walk every day too. My next travel destination will probably be to fly to Nova Scotia Canada to visit a favorite aunt and then rent a car and drive down the east coast through Maine to Boston. My husband and I would love to check out the Atlantic seaside and go to a Red Sox game.


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