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The Poetry Diaries Remastered Brings New Light To The Original

Self Published author Shellie Palmer set out on her writing journey in 2013 with her then first book, a compilation of poetry and testimonials which takes readers into her story of life, disability, depression anxiety and truth. The Poetry Diaries had a rough start with mixed reviews. It eventually was recognized for its purpose to connect, to help others see life differently. Realistic Poetry International gave the book hope, shed light on the world. It was merely a body of work quite different than most books on the market. Here’s this 30 something page book connecting to people of all ages. Palmer felt humbled yet determined to keep the book afloat while working on up and coming books to the series. A few years went by. It was then in 2018 Palmer made the decision to re-work the book with additional content. For the next couple of years the book was put on hiatus due to Shellie’s life altering changes. She wasn’t ready yet to finish until this year.

I want this book to represent me to give it the life it deserves.

It is happening and on August 14,2021 The Poetry Diaries Remastered will be published to several outlets for people from Amazon, Amazon KDP, Amazon KDP Unlimited to Smashwords. and blurb book in hard copies as well coming soon after.

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2 thoughts on “The Poetry Diaries Remastered Brings New Light To The Original

  1. Great job updating and expanding your work Shellie. I think the date in the last paragraph should be 2021 for the new release. By sharing your trials and ad tribulations with others, you are helping them to see a path out of their own struggles.

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