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The Poetry Diaries Remastered Brings New Light To The Original

Self Published author Shellie Palmer set out on her writing journey in 2013 with her then first book, a compilation of poetry and testimonials which takes readers into her story of life, disability, depression anxiety and truth. The Poetry Diaries had a rough start with mixed reviews. It eventually was recognized for its purpose to… Continue reading The Poetry Diaries Remastered Brings New Light To The Original

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Travels and Destinations

I'm not a self proclaimed jet setter, adventurer, though I do wander quite often. Curious what's out there in the world. I want to see and do as much as possible in my lifetime. Making life count with my travels whether big or small. I love nature, being one with the world, view and take… Continue reading Travels and Destinations

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Newly Re Mastered Book Series

I began my self publishing career and journey in 2013 with only knowing little how to self publish and what to do with my book, which there was only one to begin with at the time not even realizing there were several layers to my life and journey. I became a self proclaimed extrovert in… Continue reading Newly Re Mastered Book Series