About The Author

Self-published author Shellie Palmer debuted her first book The Poetry Diaries in the spring 2013 with a follow up book soon after, Life In Color which later was changed to Taking The Journey Life In Color. She released two more books in 2014. The Journey Ahead and Beyond The Silence Of Love and Faith. An Unexpected Journey was the 5th from the series published in 2016. The 8 part completed series is unknown at this time. Shellie debuted her first novel/novella on mental health in 2015. Revelations On Mental Health The Spoken Truth introduced her on living with anxiety. However, Palmer was officially diagnosed with high functioning anxiety and massive depression in 2017, it led to PTSD later on. A North East Ohio native of Stark County, small town of Hartville is Palmer’s  home town, a small town girl who remains a kid at heart. Shellie’s activism on mental health and mental illness has become extremely important to her in which she has personally opened up on living it herself. Her small town roots shaped her into the woman she is today. Her involvement with community and volunteer work is a reminder how important life is. She has seen the good and bad in people, willing to be among them, help and support their daily life struggles. “I’ve never liked seeing people struggle to barely getting by, I would do anything I possibly can when I can whether it’s providing food, donating non perishable items, toys, etc. It’s disheartening to see people worse off than I am.”

In her spare time Shellie enjoys listening to music, crafting, reading a good book,  and meditation to keep her mindfully aware of herself to remain balanced, walks in the park to visiting various park locations, spending time with her best friend, and there is baking and merely having fun. Movies are her go to’s, to get away from life when it’s necessary.

There’s nothing big or small she can’t tackle just don’t ask her to take a math quiz or trivia. It’s her worst subject. Her independent nature is fierce regardless living with a learning disability. It has never stopped her from living her dreams.