The Poetry Diaries

The Poetry Diaries Official Kindle 2018

Currently in the process of revisions of the first book in which was published in March of 2013. This book began the course of my journey and in life altogether. What  I’ve put out there is a real sense of who I am and what has shaped me into the person I am even though there have been terrible times, the toughest darkest that led to being saved by the grace of God. My story is yours. It turned out to be what I’m meant to do with my life and having a real, true connection with you the reader. None of us are alone in this world.

I’m giving you all a first look into the draft from Tablo Publishing where I’m currently writing it. Once the manuscript is completed it will be directly published to Amazon Publishing, Realistic Poetry International as well Polished Publishing Group.

Follow the link here to get the first look!

The Poetry Diaries, Tablo: First Look





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The journey collection series began several years ago not even a thought or idea planned out, in fact it was only to be one book. It turned out to be much more. The book series is an 8 part series. Each book reflects on personal pain, loss, grief, sorrow, hope, faith and love with direction spiritually and getting through it. It’s much more than self-help books. It is life’s journey and how we navigate through it. I talk candidly, openly on the truth of reality the only way I know how to through poetry, testimony, reflection of thoughts, my spirituality and love of the Lord.


  1. The Poetry Diaries
  2. Taking The Journey Life In Color
  3. The Journey Ahead
  4. Beyond The Silence Of Love and Faith
  5. An Unexpected Journey



The Poetry Diaries 2nd Edition

The Poetry Diaries

Taking The Journey Life In Color 2nd Edition

The Journey Ahead

Beyond The Silence Of Love and Faith

An Unexpected Journey