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The Poetry Diaries Remastered Brings New Light To The Original

Self Published author Shellie Palmer set out on her writing journey in 2013 with her then first book, a compilation of poetry and testimonials which takes readers into her story of life, disability, depression anxiety and truth. The Poetry Diaries had a rough start with mixed reviews. It eventually was recognized for its purpose to… Continue reading The Poetry Diaries Remastered Brings New Light To The Original

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All With Time: Life As An Independent Author

My writing is quite different than other works I've read. It is me bearing my heart and soul leaving nothing out. I'm an open book to an extent that is. I write what I'm feeling how I'm feeling at a given moment. It is in testimony and poetry format, and in ways of my spirituality without being preachy.

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Where Is Home?

There's so much happiness and joy in my life, and when I think of it I sparkle. My spark was lost for 4 long years. It lead me down the rabbit hole life was a fantasy also a blur. In the blink of an eye I wasn't the person who I was, in part of it some of me came back. I went from a victim in my own home, a prisoner of my mind, body and spirit. Somehow God was watching, he pulled me through the veins of hell. I remain to fight the demons that want to plague me at times.

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The Journey Collection About The Book Series

A little more than 20 years ago I began to write daily in several journal books, spiral note books full of poetry as to regular note books full of testimonies/my own thoughts on life generally speaking. Up till 2011 all of those writings combined from those journal, spiral and note books began creating a full… Continue reading The Journey Collection About The Book Series