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Newly Re Mastered Book Series

I began my self publishing career and journey in 2013 with only knowing little how to self publish and what to do with my book, which there was only one to begin with at the time not even realizing there were several layers to my life and journey. I became a self proclaimed extrovert in… Continue reading Newly Re Mastered Book Series

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When Life Aligns Love & Peace Make Room For A Person To Breathe

My mother didn't like it one bit yet had no control either since I was a preteen learning growing into a teenager. I had severe acne, quite overweight for my shape and size and developing. I developed earlier than most girls which caused self esteem issues. I didn't love myself, I lacked in self confidence. I didn't identify myself as beautiful until much later in life. I learned on my own to accept myself as different. I bloomed and once I did there were a few guys who took interest in me regardless how I looked on the outside making me feel beautiful.

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What Joy Does To A Woman Who’s Struggled With Living With Abuse

  Joy comes from a place within your heart, and once the heart is removed from the body healing seems impossible. The heart is an organ, once it stops beating even for a mere second the body shuts down. It's a surviving mechanism and pulling yourself through survival  is a daunting task, quite the challenge