My Heart To Tell

In, within in at times my mind filled with a song, may have three racing around not shutting down. Feel it bubbling when out doing my thing, errands of all things. I just sing. Not thinking of anything more. I’m just singing. My joy of music touches my heart, the lyrics touch my soul. Connected, not even apart. Reflections, one rings true. Says so much of who I am, what I do. True Colors I see. Again I sing. I Dare You to love. My heart sings. These are me, all three. I smile, feel the joy, my heart lives to tell.

Start Again

Given time to unwind, stress comes little, my mind relaxed not thinking of the past. Here and now where I belong the sun shines, lights me within giving me the feelings to start again. I write to live, write to give design to be creative. My joy and love is what it is. Moments I crave. Here I am again. Breathing, seeing, being, living. Proud to be just me. This is my living. Been knocked down too many times it wasn’t a living just a hobby. Oh, but listen. I’m living. I’ve begun again.

Mad, Mad Journey

Tucked away in a shell madness occurs, not just today tomorrow and the day after. My eyes I do see much of everything around me. What a crazy crazy journey. Living to breath to be normal to be of anything. I’ll say take each day as if it’s your last. Hearts are hurting, beating. Let’s ride together on this roller coaster ride, go a few rounds until night. We’re still going to live this life. As mad as it is we’ll get on by. Hold on it will get better with time. It is all in time till then we need to make the best what we can do and I’m saying this to you. I’m hurting myself. I’ve come unglued.

Beautiful Within

Drinking you’re iced coffee, flavored. Put you’re make-up on too thick. Hiding behind the clothes just to fit in. A little too much will wear thin. Mama taught you to be beautiful in your skin. Someone told you it will all fade away. Some days feeling less than perfect, feeling afraid. The tears happen at night not wanting others to see the other side. Your beautiful deep inside. Remember what mama taught you even though how you feel is quite different. Soon the make-up comes off, changing different clothes. A little less than perfect is simply how it goes. New day, new feelings to be confident within.


Strength of a lion, heart of a child, smile of the sun. Nothing more could come undone. Standing with confidence that was once so lost, now a better woman who can conquer it all. She’s a queen with beauty within, shining, sparkling again. Nothing nor anyone can touch her, betray her because she lived it knowing now with so much wisdom. Those who understand are her fellow women, champions, warriors who speak such truth, telling their stories. They are quite a feat until they finally meet. It could be anywhere, in person or in a tweet. Their such queens. No matter how other’s see us we know who we are, living and breathing. We are all queens.

Moving Along

Only moving along taking it in stride. These days it’s my life. Living on prayers on faith combined. I was, have been reminded of what I’ve done. Some days it doesn’t seem enough.  This lifestyle so new needing what I need to do. Moving along staying strong, when at times wanting to give up. I keep pressing on. When it comes to be too much I go to him, to her, to another who’s got my back. I know it as a matter of fact. I’m only human. I have flaws, bruises and scars, mostly internal none can see. I feel it within me. He’s so truly understanding, the man, my only. She’s my bad influence my bestie, another who’s my reality. I’m still moving along. I’m not you, you know your going through this too. Never alone in this world, we have a common bond and that is always only moving along.

Begin Again
Closed off for so long didn’t know exactly where I belonged till you came along. Felt as damaged goods only to learn it wasn’t me who stole me from me. It wasn’t a spell attraction from the start, the beginning. He told me what I wanted to believe. Now a days I’m seeing clearly yet still living with memories. When it comes to you my heart does something good. I write again put my life in words, my emotions. I’ve had it tough learned quite enough, and now I’m ready to begin again because of you. Nothing short of a miracle just a man who’s more than just a musician. This new life of mine is pretty good. I sing a new tune, see rainbows in far off places and my heart beats. With you mind I’m getting through this life.

“The New Me”

I’ve felt bitter a time or two now it’s time to fit the pieces back together again. I’m no longer trying to pull myself through the quick sand. I fight against the demons trying to pull me back in. God’s got this I know that’s a fact. I have memories and that’s what they are. I’m just moving on. No more tears to cry no more asking why. The pieces of my mind may have a few defaults. I’m okay with it. I’m never to be perfect. I’m just who I am strong and resilient. This new me will find true confidence deeply, internally. I’m always praying. This new me in time will see much clearly.

Toxic Trash

Take out the trash the baggage smells, it piles up. It overflows to make a mess. Don’t ever second guess. Toxic fools fuel anger, madness in others. It’s not pretty, don’t ever please, it causes heartache. Throws you to your knees. Trying to catch your breath then you breathe. The smell again will you please. Such toxic energy. I’ve never asked for it, it happens anyway someone who digs until you bleed because they are fed through their lives with their own toxic energy. I’ve come to learn to throw it away start clean with clarity, makes for better days. Happiness is far better than the smell anyways. I’d rather live with peace than conflict, argues and fight. It’s time to take flight. I’ll be alright.

Most of the poetry I share online is shared at Realistic Poetry International in the community section for poets. It is an amazing source for all poets to come together to share their poetry. Follow the link posted here to read all my poetry.

Realistic Poetry International Community Profile Page

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