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Travels and Destinations

I'm not a self proclaimed jet setter, adventurer, though I do wander quite often. Curious what's out there in the world. I want to see and do as much as possible in my lifetime. Making life count with my travels whether big or small. I love nature, being one with the world, view and take… Continue reading Travels and Destinations

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The Difference Between Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing

Coming from the stand point of self publishing I've learned quite a bit since I began my self publishing journey in 2013. I was green about the process yet willing to do the work as self publishing requires to market and promote your own body of work. Traditional publishing the person or persons have a marketing, promotional team, an agent, editor, the works. Self publishing is all your own, however there are self publishing services to help guide you through the process.

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The Real… Self Empowerment Movement

I don't have the answers I simply follow my heart and remain to keep the faith alive in me when times get too tough to bare. I know who to go to in those times, though they are just a handful and honestly I like it that way.

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Who Ever Said Life Would Come Easy? Navigating Through It

2019 began.... What came and has gone has changed my way of life and living all together. I  went into trauma counseling for PTSD, as to the anxiety/panic and depression. Sessions did wonders for my mental health and as for my physical health wasn't doing much at first yet improved over time. I've gained much… Continue reading Who Ever Said Life Would Come Easy? Navigating Through It