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Living With Mental Health During A Pandemic

What's next? I began thinking how everyone else through the pandemic are handling their mental health. How are they dealing? What's getting in their way to cope? Are they feeling the pressures of reality? Of course they are. People are loosing their jobs, or getting less and less hours, even working from home. Transitioning through a pandemic, not able to see their families, able to even have any form of event and so on.

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Navigating Life All While Living With Mental Illness

One of the most difficulties living with a form of mental health is finding a routine, navigate daily activities from work, school, family, etc. There are days I sleep longer than I should especially so when stress levels go up. I want to avoid and isolate some daily tasks. It makes the anxiety worse on… Continue reading Navigating Life All While Living With Mental Illness

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The Real… Self Empowerment Movement

I don't have the answers I simply follow my heart and remain to keep the faith alive in me when times get too tough to bare. I know who to go to in those times, though they are just a handful and honestly I like it that way.

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When Life Aligns Love & Peace Make Room For A Person To Breathe

My mother didn't like it one bit yet had no control either since I was a preteen learning growing into a teenager. I had severe acne, quite overweight for my shape and size and developing. I developed earlier than most girls which caused self esteem issues. I didn't love myself, I lacked in self confidence. I didn't identify myself as beautiful until much later in life. I learned on my own to accept myself as different. I bloomed and once I did there were a few guys who took interest in me regardless how I looked on the outside making me feel beautiful.