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Where Is Home?

There's so much happiness and joy in my life, and when I think of it I sparkle. My spark was lost for 4 long years. It lead me down the rabbit hole life was a fantasy also a blur. In the blink of an eye I wasn't the person who I was, in part of it some of me came back. I went from a victim in my own home, a prisoner of my mind, body and spirit. Somehow God was watching, he pulled me through the veins of hell. I remain to fight the demons that want to plague me at times.

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Emotionally Ready: The Road To Recovery

The biggest challenge I faced was to officially come out of hiding. The fear was immensely debilitating to me and it consumed my life. All behind the smile I was extremely lost living in a dark place not knowing myself, my self-esteem was gone. I was angered, confused and brutally attacked emotionally. My mental well… Continue reading Emotionally Ready: The Road To Recovery

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Speaking Out On Identity Theft

It has been 2 years..... Never ever have I ever put myself in any kind of danger most especially online where predators, impersonators lurk to wheel you in, into their unknown world who've never seen the outside of their own four walls.  I work from online, a self-published author, poet, blogger and artist. It is… Continue reading Speaking Out On Identity Theft