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How Do We Know When It’s Time To Give Life Another Try? Spiritual Healing

I'd say though heartily transitioning, adjusting to a new lifestyle takes time, there's no time limit. It's all in timing. I can get a bit impatient at times. When I get to feeling impatient I reflect putting myself in a grounded position, stand or sit firm in place, breathe and then move. The movement rejuvenates my body, my mind becomes clearer  and my soul doesn't carry any weight.

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Speaking Out On Identity Theft

It has been 2 years..... Never ever have I ever put myself in any kind of danger most especially online where predators, impersonators lurk to wheel you in, into their unknown world who've never seen the outside of their own four walls.  I work from online, a self-published author, poet, blogger and artist. It is… Continue reading Speaking Out On Identity Theft