Finding Peace Among The Chaos

Finding any sense of peace these days has been difficult with the burden I’m living with right now. At a particular moment I’m complete, one with myself and at other times a complete mess. I know who I can go to in the messy times. We talk listen to each other with content. I’m a bluntfully honest person so people need to understand the truth when I speak although they misunderstand which means I have to repeat myself more than once. It’s tiring, so tiring. Have been back and forth with it. The strain of the living situation. I’m getting by on a physical level, emotionally and mentally I’m on the yo yo train. The chaos of my mind doesn’t shut down much, only time it does is when I’m sleeping. I could literally sleep 24 hrs at a time and did do over a week and a half ago. I was isolating, avoiding my responsibilities. I fall behind on such important tasks as to making phone calls, cleaning, and what not. Literally had been a mess for more than a month now. What is getting me through it are a number of things from bible study, time spent in the park, even a little drive has done wonders for me. I’ve thrown myself into my work, writing, revisions of the previous book of the book series I began back in 2013. Blogging and graphic designing keeps my mind from wondering too much let alone the racing thoughts that pop up from time to time. I’m an over thinker, introvert/extrovert person. I get sticky as what I call it. Living with a form of mental illness is never fun it is merely navigating life with it. I’m extremely pro active on mental health, mental health awareness due to my struggles. I talk with other mental health warriors, survivors. There’s a sense of peace that comes from talking with them, it opens the gap for me to feel real peace. God love those who’ve been my source of comfort these days. I truly credit my church family and a few others whom I can trust, have trust in without any motives. God does listen when you don’t think at all. That too is peace. It comes from a higher power.