Moving In Fast Forward

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These days have been a complete whirlwind, my mind spinning on end which brings upon panic attacks. Medication regulates both the panic and anxiety. Functioning has been quite the struggle yet I remain to keep my sanity. insert (sarcastic tone)…..

Daily tasks are divided into groups.

  1. The washing of dishes, clothes, etc.
  2. bills, utilities, sorting paperwork
  3. sorting, dividing items that no longer needed and those that are for keeping. Kept items are put into storage totes.
  4.  groceries every 4 weeks, small errands are minimal to grocery store.
  5. appointments
  6. cats (play time, feeding, watered and cleaned)

This is only half of the growing list. I have a difficult time putting myself first above all else. Though I’ve had to create breaks of the tasks to be done. 1 person can only do so much in a days time, and I for one need to take care of myself, my health and what not. Life happens and it causes stress and I haven’t been short of it either. Learning to adjust, moving forward in fast pace will only create more stress, and the continued stress will only cause my mental health to take a dive downward. Making big decisions are coming on wise choice logically thinking through them before plunging in.

I want to throw this out to everyone for a moment. How are you handling stress in your daily life? Are you running, spinning yourself through exhaustion? Are you taking care of yourself? 

Scaling back on several tasks at hand, taking breaks when needed is finally working for me without over doing it. Dividing everything into groups has been a real lifesaver recently. Thank God!

I must admit I’m only human not super woman wanting to save the day for everyone. I need to take better care of myself and my health. Advocating mental health has truly been hot on the platform trail for quite awhile. It’s really keeping me in check.