Re Evaluating Life Challenges


The amount of stress I’ve been through in two weeks time has put my physical health at risk due to my mental health. I’ve been coping, reminding myself to take care of myself due to some financial strain. It was and never has been a problem until recently. Now I’m re evaluating the situation so that I can move forward and let God be in control of things. I can only do so much as I don’t need a mental health break down. Heaven forbid it! I’ve literally thrown myself into my work, writing, poetry, art and graphic designs, journaling, etc.  Life has been one heck of a roller coaster for a couple months. Self employment isn’t what some say is easy unless your doing what you love, have a passion for, work hard and have fun with it. It’s a true blessing to be able to do what I do and to bring in an income again. Praying quite often has lifted my stress, reading, crafting and baking as well. It has a way to help release the lack of energy reminding me to be self motivated again. Putting my coping skills in play has been a God send even. Have learned quite a bit when, to and from therapy and group over the past few years. When times get to be too much, much like recently using it.  Here I am keeping my head above water when it wants to weigh me down. Life isn’t always easy.

Wednesday 2/12/2020