Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are for writers, creative thinkers, anyone as they are quite easy to do. It simply takes a little imagination. A still image will be posted, tell me what you see in the image, a short paragraph/story.

Writing prompts will be posted often and shared across social media. I’m looking forward to reading many writing prompts. Some will be posted right here at the page with the writers name.

“Just on the other the side of this path I’ll find the field of dreams. I’ll make a wish sitting on top of a large rock”, saying to myself. “I better get to walking because this will take awhile.”

Shellie Palmer


I created such a mess while painting a new piece of art and forgot to clean up leaving some stains and some of the brushes caked from the paint. Now I must change the paint brushes and wipe the stains with the strongest cleaning solution.

Shellie Palmer


It was a night she never will forget, going to where it all happened. The love of her life died from colliding with a semi truck head on. The call came in at 2 o’ clock in the morning frightening her. Processing his death hasn’t been easy after visiting the site where they found his body lifeless. She took a single red rose, planting it into the ground. Now she goes often and prays over the rose.

Shellie Palmer